To cherish the diversity of natural beauty into wearable pieces of art

Our vision is to craft the trusted destination and constantly nurture the endless sparkle in our finest quality and creativity

We provide the exquisite experienceto numerous selections of high jewelry finished pieces. to witness how they shine on you


Impeccable attention to detail. We invest time in the meticulous processes of crafting

every link by hand for a movement and flow which ensures an unbeatable beauty that

although requires time, cannot be replicated by machines.

Fine Jewelry

Outstanding elegance that is easily noticed. Kwanmanee holds a unique aura with the finest quality. unparalleled designs and expert craftsmanship.



Marquise Sera

Marquise Tia


Unique Solitary

Unique Solitary

Unique Solitary

Unique Solitary

Unique Solitary

Our Service

A timeless heritage for generations to come. Our jewelry will always shine like the first day you met, as we will always be there to look after them no matter how many generations passed on.

This Seasons

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